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Aww yeh

January 7th, 2014, 8:37 am

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User's Comments:

Reply ItachiThe Hedgehog, January 7th, 2014, 8:37 am

Just leaving this here.
I love the face.
So I drew it.
With my pony.

Reply Advertisement, January 7th, 2014, 8:42 am

why the emo horse

Reply Syogren, January 7th, 2014, 5:58 pm

@Advertisement: You ruined it.

You were supposed to say "Why the long face?"

Reply ItachiThe Hedgehog, January 7th, 2014, 8:58 pm

Lol emo. Those still exist?

Reply ItachiThe Hedgehog, January 9th, 2014, 7:49 am

@broblade12: Oh god..I thought the emo's were dead by now.

Reply The Wonderous Kitsu, January 12th, 2014, 4:05 pm

... @broblade12:

..Wow, really? Blatantly stating as a generalization that emos are attention-whorish is a very incorrect statement. Saying that they are over emotional is like saying that a retard is dumb. Most emos have a chronic depression illness, or are extremely depressed, leading them to be sad, or emotional. There are also emos who DON'T ramble on and on about their life problems, who KNOW that there are people worse off than them. Some of them actually have REAL problems that HURT them. Labeling them as whorish and craving only attention is very insensitive, and very untrue. It is also extremely offensive.

Now, I am not ignoring the fact that there ARE those who crave attention. That is very true, but not ALL emos are like that. There is another half to emos that are only invested in the music. There are also those (like me) who ARE emos, but as stated before, don't ramble on and on about it. Whenever someone generalizes emos like that, it angers me.

Please think about what you are saying before, and actually think about the thing you are saying, before you sputter shit out of your mouth that you don't know two shits about.

Reply The Wonderous Kitsu, January 13th, 2014, 3:08 pm

@broblade12: you are not worthy of jontron you swine

Reply Cascade, January 13th, 2014, 3:09 pm

@ItachiThe Hedgehog: *insert obligatory slapping you action here*
@broblade12: *see above*

basically I agree 100% with what Kit said and that pissed me off to read
EDIT: Except for the Jontron part

Reply The Wonderous Kitsu, January 13th, 2014, 3:43 pm

@Cascade: except i was kidding :I about jontron

Reply Spar Elric, January 14th, 2014, 4:32 am

Guys, can we not do this please? -.-;

Reply Draven22, January 14th, 2014, 9:07 am

@Spar Elric: *glomps and huggles* hi 030

Reply ItachiThe Hedgehog, January 14th, 2014, 5:27 pm

Isn't it offensive to have someone call something of yours 'emo' when the picture has absolutely nothing to do with it?
It annoys me that my characters, and myself, are called emo just because of long hair and having it go over one's field of vision.
And I'm sorry if I offended you for what I said. It was rude, but in my opinion(which I forget that opinions are not allowed in the internet) all the emo's I've seen and talked to, fish for compliments.
Damn skinny kids, calling themselves emo whom have no problems, take pictures of themselves and say 'aw shiet I'm ugly. Don't look.' when they look like models, complain about how their parents didn't get the correct eye liner, etc.
My mistake for forgetting that real emo's exist. I used to be one myself.
Not relevant but yeah.
I was blinded by fake emo's.

Reply Kyraii, January 15th, 2014, 5:36 am

@broblade12: Rather than complaining about people pointing out your offensive statements, consider that what you said may be harmful. To be fair, several of your comments do come across as rude.

Reply GrovyleGoodbye128, January 19th, 2014, 8:30 pm

@ItachiThe Hedgehog: Everyone calls this emo because it's long hair, black and red.
You know what I call it...

@broblade12: I was NOT expecting everyone to flip out! That, actually, was kind of dumb. I think ah'm on yer side on this one.

Reply Moonskilled, May 14th, 2014, 3:27 am

Everyone make peace and emos are cool.The only thing I don't like about some emos's are their long hair.Why wear it like that?Does it represent anything.It's lame.Just my opinion not wanting anyone to send long paragraph s towards me.

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